How to Survive So You Can Thrive in Wartime

CEO’s & CFO’s of The Circle convened with Karl Jacob to discuss “How to survive so you can thrive in Wartime”. Karl shared actionable (albeit painful) tips-and-tricks learned from the scar tissue he endured through the '00-'02 and '08-'10 (+'11-'12) downturn

Managing Your Company’s Debt During the Current Downturn

Peers of the CEO|Circle and CFO|Circle convened on a discussion w/ Ken Loveless, a Managing Partner here at Founders Circle Capital and veteran of SVB on “Managing Your Company's Debt During the Current Downturn.”
Handling 409A Valuations In the Era of COVID-19

Handling 409A Valuations In the Era of COVID-19

The CFO|Circle came together with Steve Liu (Shareworks, SVB, KPMG) to share insights on whether the current volatile market might impact valuations of private companies and, if so, steps CFOs might take to position their companies for this reassessment.
Architecting Growth in a Downturn

Architecting for Growth in a Downturn for Enterprise Companies

CEO's, CFO's and CRO's of The Circle for Enterprise companies convened with Scott Davis to discuss first principles to focus on that will increase the probability for revenue to stabilize, or even grow, in a downturn as well as position the company for growth post-downturn.