Getting the Most Out of Your Performance Management Cycle

Return to (On-Site) Work: A Series by The Circle

Return to (On-Site) Work: A Series by The Circle

States, counties, and cities are slowly “opening.” But that definition varies widely depending upon whether your company has locations on the beaches of Florida or in the center of Manhattan or Los Angeles. 

Executive teams are charged with figuring out how to invite employees back to the office (or continue supporting them remotely). This Circle|Call series is focused on peer-to-peer first-hand accounts and benchmarking data on what is and isn’t working in this herculean endeavor. 

We collectively convened on these topics around the Remote Work Series:


Rightsizing Your Real Estate

To kick off the series, The Circle came together with peers from CBRE and Goodwin to discuss how to work with your landlord on financial needs here-and-now and space need in the near future. Some of the key topics discussed were as follows:

  • Engage your landlord with a strategic plan when seeking concessions.
  • Know your landlord and know your lease.
  • Playing hardball does not equate to being combative.
  • The real estate market has historically shown a ~ 6-month lag.
  • If you are looking to sublease, move quickly.


Office Health & Safety Protocol

This conversation focused on the health & safety protocols to implement into workspaces. Peers that lead the conversation have been directly dealing with this subject matter every day since the onset of shelter in place. They were:


Stay Remote, Return On-Site or Run a HybridAs most companies are grappling with whether or not they will stay remote past the lift of sheltering in place restrictions, we had the opportunity to learn from Very Important Peers’ (all-remote veterans: Lori McLeese of AutomatticPaul Machle of GitLab, and Jeff Harper of HashiCorp) firsthand experiences as to why it can work, which myths to bust, and the nuances on being all remote.

Designing the New (On-Site) Employee ExperienceThe Circle conversed with a stellar cast of subject matter experts from CBRE,  Blitz, Corral and Colden in the areas of space planning, architectural/interior design, and workspace ergonomics. These subject matter experts discussed how to drive desired perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors through human-factors and ergonomics design once employees return on-site.

Supporting Employees in a New RealityThis installment of the series focused on people-based policies, services, and communications to help employees feel both supported and inspired to do their best work. Participating in the conversation were Punam Brahmbhatt (SVP of People + Programs), Jen Loo (CFO) @ TalaIan Charles (CFO) @ Scoop, and Eleanor French @ Brunswick who had been experimenting in this area and had real-time experiences to share.

In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for leaders to be available, communicative, and vulnerable to drive desired attitudes and behaviors throughout the organization and across all stakeholders.

As such, The Circle conversed with Sid Sijbrandij, Founder & CEO of GitLab leader of the largest all-remote 1,200 people venture-backed company to better understand how to lead in an all-remote environment, in addition to many other topics. As well as Dave Dorman, prior CEO of AT&T + board member of CVS Health, Dell, PayPal, leader of a distributed 250K person multi-national company to better understand the intersections of finance and healthcare and the impact to a leader’s people.

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